Off Grid Solar and Battery Storage Systems

Off Grid Services

Planning a new build? Grid connection going to kill your budget? Why not have a look at an off grid system!

Why not explore the possibility an off grid electrical solution like no other.

We offer a wide range of solutions to suit every customer’s needs, ranging from small development power solutions to large scale capability.

What do our systems comprise of;

  • Solar panels sited on roof or ground mounted if preferred.
  • Off grid inverters to transfer and regulate electricity.
  • Batteries storage to store all electricity produced from panels.
  • Smart display to tailor consumption and storage options.
  • Back-up generator to top up batteries if necessary (to top up batteries during winter months)

Diamond Renewables install high quality and high performance panels alongside a Victron inverter, charge controller and supply control gear. All installations are designed to accommodate as built needs and future proofing. We will walk you through the options for your system so at all stages you understand what each component is for and its purpose, upon completion we will guide you through the system so you understand its normal running operations.

Off Grid PV and battery storage systems can be installed anywhere not just in the countryside. The supply and installation of a generator set is optional.

Our pilot installation has been operational for 18 months and our customer has minimal use out of the generator, which is set up to only top up batteries during convenient hours (around lunch time during the winter). The generator has used only around £91 in this time and is far more cost effective than buying in electricity from the grid.

The local DNO cost for installing a new electricity supply for circa £46,000.

Our installations cost a around half that figure and  provide low carbon energy all year round with minimal running costs and minimal maintenance.