Solar Thermal Heating

Solar Thermal

Solar thermal systems are either flat plates or tube collectors located on the roof of a property and capture the heat from the sunlight and can be used to heat how water systems and in some cases assist with preheating of central heating.

Solar thermal systems benefit from the Governments RHI incentive for which Diamond will complete all the relevant paperwork for you to make your claim.

Solar thermal systems are perfect for people with Oil or LPG boilers as the solar thermal will take some of the strain and reduce the costs of your oil or LPG replenishment costs.

There are lots of pros and cons when looking at a Solar Thermal system


  • Potential provision of 30% of hot water requirements
  • Approximate annual savings of ¬£75 depending on system size
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Long warranties of 5-10 years on most components


  • A hot water cylinder or immersion heater is still required with Solar Thermal systems, this is to provide energy when the sun isn’t shining
  • There is a possibility that your existing boiler isn’t compatible with Solar Thermal Systems
  • Solar Thermal system can cost more to install than conventional Gas or Electric heating systems

We are able to offer you a bespoke service including full design, returns calculation and an exceptional installation and after service.